Awesome is Not a Part-Time Job

Trying to create and maintain what you feel makes your life Awesome does take work. Awesome is taking life to the next level. And half-assing it definitely won’t do. Take it from me. I bombed an audition once because I didn’t work at it like it was my job. Because I didn’t consciously make the choice to be Awesome, I lost out. For me that was unacceptable. But the hardest-learned lessons stick with you the most.

What stops us from being Awesome?

Leading psychologists attribute the blockage to a fear of failure that frequently turns into procrastination. Dealing with procrastination can be a bugger, especially for those of us who do not frequent a corporate environment, and thus have a regular schedule. In the pursuit of following one’s dreams, the pile of to do’s can become so long that it can be overwhelming, or we’re just afraid to start. And thus procrastination ensues.

How to stop this self-sabotaging behavior?

Steve Martile, a Mind Power Coach, gives a great idea to getting back on the path to greatness in his article “Tricks to Help Overcome Procrastination”. He tells us to:

“Cultivate desire – get yourself thinking about and excited for the end result.” Mr. Martile is right of course. Isn’t it way easier to get your butt up and do something you’re geeked about? How about if you dread it – or that you just don’t feel like it?

This idea of getting excited about the end result can be applied from anything from a job to a chore. I’m thrilled by thinking of being on stage, in the middle of a scene with the other actors, and feeling really alive. Looking at it this way gets me excited about doing all the work required for an awesome audition. But it could be as easy as the glee of taking home a big wad of cash at the end of a serving job that gets you motivated for customer service; or the joy of fitting into that perfect dress that gets you off the couch and out jogging.

If you can focus on and see the end result, and love it, it begins to change your attitude from one of “Ah, I can do it tomorrow”, to “Woo-hoo! I can’t wait to do it today!” Try it for yourself. See if it works.

Building in small rewards for yourself for getting things done also helps. It’s one of the things I do to encourage myself.

What else do you do to kick in your Awesome-ness?  Please share in the comments below.

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