Book Review: The Science of Getting Rich

I have to admit that I might be late to the table here. Seems a lot of folks may have read The Science of Getting Rich already. I consider myself fairly well read, and I just picked this book up after hearing about it from another entrepreneur. So this book review is just to make sure you’ve read it too.

I took this entrepreneur’s specific advice (I cannot for the life of me remember who!) and got the audio version of the book. You can buy it for a couple of dollars on Amazon/Kindle/Audible, OR, you can listen to one of many recordings for free on YouTube.

Wallace Waddles (great name, right?) is very straightforward in his instructions on the process of using your creative thought. He calls it a science because he has taken a secular view of the process. He’s taken all of the mysticism out of it, and boiled it down to the basic ideas. And he also believes fervently that anyone can do it.

It all starts with the premise that the entire universe is made up of a “thinking stuff.” We are all made of it. It exists in and through everything. It is intelligent, and it wants to create and expand through us.

Here’s the thing that many people miss – and Wallace takes care of it brilliantly: Creation (or manifesting) is most powerfully done as a two-pronged approach. Not only do you have to be crystal clear with what you visually imprint upon the thinking stuff, but you must take the actions that will put you in the place to receive what you are trying to create.

What does that mean for entrepreneurs?  Here is a graphic to explain:

Manifesting Graphic (1)

  1. We must be extremely clear with ourselves what we want to create in our businesses, to the point that you can see it, and envision already having it in your minds eye.
  • Saying that you want to help people is not being clear. This is why you haven’t manifested it yet.
  • Saying that you want to create a business that brings in $100,000/year helping men have better relationships in their lives is far more specific. You also need to understand for yourself how you will get to the $100,000.
  1. We must take action to be in a place to receive the $100,000.
  • If you want to be a marketing consultant making $100,000, you must take action to actually start the business and have many client enrollment conversations. The $100,000 will not magically appear.
  1. The power of gratitude keeps the whole process flowing

Creating what you want doesn’t have to be hoobily-boobliy. (That’s my dad’s word for magical.) And Mr. Wallace has surely proved that. Creating what you want is quite practical. Plus, you are doing it anyway, whether you are purposeful about it or not. Might as well participate in the process and create what you really want to experience in your life.

There are many other amazing things that he discusses in this short book. (You can listen to the whole thing in a smidge over two hours.) In fact, this book was the basis for many of the popular manifestation books that you see today. Including The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.

I highly recommend you grab a copy, or an MP3, of this book. It raises my vibration every time I listen to it. Check it out! Let me know what you think in the comments below – especially if you’ve already read and/or listened to it!

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