The Magic of a New Year

By Misti Patrella

We are slowly working our way through the beginning of a new year. This is the time when everything seems fresh. I don’t know about you, but things seem just the slightest bit different than in previous years. I’m actually starting to believe that anything is possible. It feels pretty awesome.

In the event that you feel the same way – and hopefully you do – its time to do some thinking. See, realizing the ‘Magic of a New Year’* carries a certain responsibility – to you mostly. It’s time to use this trusty fresh start to create something amazing for you for the rest of the year.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about making a whole bunch of New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t really believe in them and sort of think they are unhealthy as they lead to guilt. If you don’t know this already, guilt is REALLY bad for your soul.

I’m talking about something much more interesting.

How do you want to feel in 2013? I don’t mean generally, although that is a great place to start. Do you want to feel more love? Do you want to make more money? Do you want better relationships? Every self-help book will tell you that the only place to start is with you.

More love? The best way to get more love is to feel love now. And here I mean literally. How do you feel when you are love someone? In your body? Can you recall the last time you felt it? Can you feel it now? That warm feeling in the middle of your chest? Can you make that feeling grow? You don’t need another person in the room to feel that feeling, although it helps get it started. They only help you feel a feeling that’s already inside you.

More money? How do you feel when you have plenty of money? Easier going? More relaxed? More generous? Can you feel that feeling inside? That calmness? Can you make that feeling grow? The best way to have money flow easily and frequently in your life is be grateful for every dollar that you already do have.

Better relationships with friends? Lovers? Unfortunately, no matter how we look at it, that ALWAYS starts with us. Want a better relationship with someone? Sit and remember the best time you had with that person. Can you think of another? How did you feel inside when it was that good? Can you feel it in your heart area? Can you make that feeling bigger? Can you send that great feeling their way? Even if it’s difficult? Even if you’re not speaking any longer doesn’t mean that things can’t be healed to some degree.

Take some time in the next week, while the energy of the new year is still fresh and do two things: 1 – make a list of how you want to feel about the major areas of your life; and 2 – sit down and start feeling that way.

And don’t be lazy. Depending upon how much time you want to spend, you can take 10 minutes or an hour to do this. It’s up to you.

I will tell you from personal experience that this does work. And its fun. You get to think about the catalog of life and feel however you want to feel about it. The more excited and loving you can feel about something, the better it will work for you throughout the year.

I wish you nothing but happiness in 2013. I hope you wish that for yourself as well.

*The word ‘Magic’ carries a lot of connotation. The use here simply implies our innate power to create what we want our lives to be, and more importantly, feel like.

**These ideas are not new and have been proposed and recommended by many leading thinkers. This is a very small list, but my most recent inspirations are:

A Course In Miracles
Gabrielle Bernstein – May Cause Miracles
Rhonda Byrne – The Power and The Magic

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