Who Are You Meant To Serve?

By Misti Patrella

A good friend, and creative genius, Megan Atkinson, posted this very question on her blog Ignite Your Cause, just the other day. It was her December #MissionIgnition Challenge. Such a good question, in fact, that I felt compelled to answer.

The best part about her question? You are not to use demographics. What you are to do is talk about the real juice. What do they care about? How do they deal with adversity? In her words, “What are the deeply ingrained characteristics of the people you serve?”

So in an effort to answer her question, here is a description of the people I believe I am meant to serve.

Passion-driven entrepreneurs.

Those who started a business for themselves.   Not necessarily because they need to own a business, but because that is the best way to deliver their gift to the world.



Make movies,


Make photographs,

Make jewelry,


Give from their soul.

 Feeling of being driven from deep inside to do the work they do.

They have something to share. A message for you.

When they encounter struggles in their businesses, they work through them, but don’t quit.

Willing to do the work to get where they want.

They want to enjoy working for themselves.




They view the world through a different lens.

They do the work they do because they deeply love it. They have developed a talent, skill or profession over time. That is the gift they bring to the world.

I have to say, that was a very interesting experiment. I came up with some things that I did not expect. The part about not needing to own a business just for the sake of being an entrepreneur – I hadn’t thought of that before.

What a great exercise! Now I have new ways to talk to the people I care about.   And it only took a couple of moments. I opened up my brain and just started typing.

I highly recommend you try this out for yourself. If you feel you are ready to write it out and declare it to the world, please do with #missionignition. And let me know!

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