Why the [BLEEP] Should I Hire a Coach? And Other Smart Questions

By Misti Patrella

The doors are officially open for my business. And I’ve been busy doing a bunch of Biz Therapy coaching sessions – and getting clients. And the number one question I’ve been getting is: What is coaching really all about?

I had a similar conversation with my friend Cooper. I thought recapping our conversation was a great way to explain it. Let’s see if you agree.

Cooper is widely known as the guy who says, and asks, inappropriate things – usually at a high volume. He’s wonderful, and a brat, all at the same time. And I love him terribly. But when I was told him I was a Biz & Life Coach, I was prepared for the inevitable barrage of questions…and jokes.

“What? Why the [BLEEP] should I hire a coach?” (He’s not known for clean language. I tidied it up a bit.)

“Lot’s of reasons. I help passion-driven entrepreneurs love their businesses and make money. But there’s a coach for almost everything. Anywhere a person is trying to move forward, but feels stuck.”

“What if you already perfect?”

He was quiet for a moment, searching for a retort. A wicked smile revealed he’d found it. “What if you already perfect?” He glowed and looked to his friends for approval. They laughed.

“Well, that’s actually the basis of coaching – that you have everything you already need to get what you really want out of life. Sometimes you just need help getting it.”

“Oh.” He got quiet. “What do you do though? What happens?”

“Well, we talk about what you want and how you are going to get it. It’s mostly about focusing your energy and resources on getting what you want. We also deal with fixing, removing or loving the things that may stand in the way of your goals.”

“Sounds like therapy,” he moaned.

“Believe me, it’s not. Plus it’s fun, because it’s about making your dreams come true.” I wasn’t letting his butt off the hook that easily.

“Can I try it out?” he asked. I was wondering if he could see the look of surprise on my face.

I told him what I tell all people I know who are intersted – of COURSE you can. Any coach worth their salt offers a free session so that you can get a feel for how they work. Mine is called the Biz Therapy.

My Recommendation

When you “go” to one of these sessions (most are done over the phone/Skype/Google+ Hangouts), take an issue that’s got you feeling stuck. One that’s been standing in your way. If you don’t feel better about that issue when the session is over, try another coach.

The coolest part? You can pick the type of coach that works best for you.  Feel like you need a Drill Sargent type?  Those are out there.  Looking for someone a little more nurturing?  Absolutely exists. Simply be clear with yourself about what you think would work best for you.

Still curious about what coaching is all about?
Click here to sign up for one of my Biz Therapy coaching sessions.
Like I said, it’s fun, free, and you’ll walk away with some solutions for yourself and/or your business.

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