Why Your WHY Is Your Super Power

wonderwomanillustrationI always thought Wonder Woman was one of the awesome-est super heroes of all time. All she had to do was spin around real fast and she was darned near invincible. And she could fly! If you could have one super power, what would you choose?

What if I told you that you already had a super power? 

You actually have access to a part of yourself that will give you more strength and power than you ever thought possible. It will allow you to communicate with people on a deeper level with real authenticity. And it will allow you to tap into an invincibility you’ve only dreamed of. Isn’t that cool?

It sounds like this is a magical power, and believe me sometimes it feels like it, but it isn’t magic. It’s very simply your WHY.

Your WHY is the real purpose of your business. The powerful & emotionally driven reason you feel you need to do the work you do. A really good WHY will also include the reason you believe you were put on this planet in the first place.

Your WHY becomes your super power because it gives you amazing abilities in your business.

Personal Strength and Invincibility

Man! When you are starting your own business, it takes a lot of courage. In lots of different ways. As entrepreneurs, we must dive in and taking action regardless of our fears. Having a strong WHY can help you take empowered and bold actions in your business, even in light of some of your bigger fears – helping you to feel way more invincible.

When I am about to do something that makes me nervous, I use my WHY to give me courage to do the things I never dreamed that I could do.

Here’s how to turn your WHY into invincibility:  Take a moment to think about your ideal client, and how much they need to hear your message. Imagine that your message is exactly what your client needs to hear to keep going for the next week. This will give you the one minute of courage you need to get going and do the thing that feels scary. Try it for yourself!

Powerful Communication Abilities

Your WHY also gives you the ability to communicate far more powerfully, your communications are truly heard, and what you say helps to shift people.

People listen when we stand for something bigger than just our work. Apple computers are a more popular purchase (by creative folks) than Microsoft for this very reason. Even though Apple costs more, people are happy to pay it because they identify with the Apple brand.

Having a strong, clear and passionate WHY also helps you stand out among the competition. Lots of people are selling ‘things’. But the truth is that people buy our WHY, not our things. Scientifically speaking, the human brain makes an emotional decision and justifies it with facts.

Understanding your strong and powerful WHY is a clear and direct communication tool to your Ideal Client. It helps them to feel closer to you, and to want to follow what you are up to.

It’s time to develop your WHY super powers. Here are some questions to help you along.

What is your life purpose? What is your business purpose? What really pisses you off, OR makes you super-duper happy? What do you feel really passionate about? Who are you here on this planet to help? Why is this so important to you? How do you hope to change the world with your business? Why do you feel you NEED to be of service in this way?

Once you’re clear on our WHY, get creative in all the different ways and places you share your WHY. Your ‘About Me’ page, sales pages, blog posts, social media, videos – the possibilities are endless really.

Get out there are share your WHY. Your Ideal Clients need to hear it.

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